West Lafayette State Street Redevelopment Project

State Street Redevelopment Project Unveiled

In a joint presentation between Purdue University and the City of West Lafayette, city engineer Dave Buck discussed in great detail the eminent redevelopment of West Lafayette’s State Street Corridor.

Wabash Landing and State Street boulevard
Proposed street scape for West Lafayette’s new State Street Corridor (click to enlarge)

During the Purdue Road School keynote, university president Mitch Daniels gave Purdue’s seal of approval for West Lafayette to form a public-private partnership using the unique Build Operate Transfer concept of project financing.

Mayor John Dennis made some brief remarks, before introducing Buck’s technical briefing, by saying: “we need to ensure bike and ped traffic is respected.” The mayor’s ultimate goal is to “unify our two separate entities” and welcome the university into the boundaries of the City of West Lafayette.

As Dennis mentioned on WBAA’s “Ask the Mayor” last week (as well as during last year’s planning meetings), he doesn’t want to wait around to get started on this “once in a lifetime opportunity” to re-imagine the city. He has even changed Daniels’ mind after the Purdue president initially “laughed out loud” about the project.

Buck presented to a packed Fowler Hall in Stewart center. Here are some key takeaways:

Key Facts About State Street Redevelopment Project

  • Proposals due November 2015
  • Construction Begins April 2016
  • Upwards of $100 million estimated cost
  • Bicycle and walking paths on a two-way street from the River to US 231
  • State Street roundabouts at Tapawingo Dr, and River Rd
  • New Williams St south perimeter parkway to connect with Harrison St.
  • Full and/or partial reconstruction of N. River Rd, W. Stadium Ave to McCormick Rd south, to Airport Rd. to US 231 to complete the rest of the perimeter parkway.
  • Extend Cherry Lane to US 231 in order to ease congestion for football traffic and make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Major one-way to two-way conversions of sections of N. Russell, Waldron, N. University, Marstellar, Sheetz, W. Wood, Pierce, S. Chauncey, Northwestern, and N. Grant streets.
  • Project complete December 2018

Redeveloping State Street into a real city street is an ambitious and long overdue project. Here’s hoping West Lafayette will finally make its mark as a Class II Indiana city.

More information and reference documents available at statestreetwl.com

State Street redevelopment map
The State Street Corridor Redevelopment Project will make dramatic, swift changes. Plans include the creation of a perimeter parkway by extending Williams Street to Harrison Street. More dramatically, the project will transform old State Road 26 into a vibrant two-way corridor with separate biking and pedestrian paths from the Wabash River to US 231. (Click to enlarge)


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