Turning Sagamore Parkway into a Complete Street

Sagamore Parkway was in the news last week as the city announced plans to repave the road from the railroad tracks north of South Street south to McCarty Lane. However, this is just a temporary patch job before a major construction project starts in the next couple of years which will span from just north of Greenbush Street all the way to Main Street.

I recently stumbled across a website run by BF&S, the civil engineering contractors responsible for the rebuild.  Beyond just rebuilding the road itself, the plans call for turning Sagamore into a ‘complete street’ with facilities for pedestrians, bicycles, and busses. The planned upgrades include:

  • A multi-use trail
  • Sidewalks
  • Streetlights
  • New drainage
  • New traffic lights and signal timing

BF&S also created an nice animation showing what all these upgrades would look like.

What do you think of the plans? Not enough? Just right? Too costly? If you have a comment, contact the engineers on their website.

Derrick Snyder is a graduate student studying atmospheric science at Purdue. He has endured Greater Lafayette weather for most of his life. He Tweets about Lafayette weather @derrick_snyder.

6 thoughts on “Turning Sagamore Parkway into a Complete Street”

  1. Giving Sagamore a much-needed update? Good.
    Multi-use trails? Incredibly good.

    I guess my one question about this is, will the trail construction end where the phases are defined on BF&S’ map? If so, we’re going to be stuck with more Awesome Trails That Don’t Really Go Anywhere, which this metro area does NOT need more of.

    1. It’s tough to say what the trail plans are because the website is devoted exclusively to Section 2 of the project. I’d wager there will be trails and sidewalks all the way down to Main Street when it’s finished. There’s little pedestrian/bike infrastructure connecting to Sagamore in Lafayette, so that will be a problem long after this road is rebuilt.

  2. Sagamore Parkway has been a cycling barrier for far too long. In Lafayette there are only a couple of places where a less than confident rider can even cross the highway. Pedestrians are not welcome at all!

    Hopefully, this plan will encourage further multi-use development, and not the paths to nowhere along the new 231 bypass on the west side.

  3. Hopefully this is done by an outside construction company because we know how slow the city of Lafayette is when it comes to building roads. Traffic will be horrendous either way!

  4. It will be nice to see the bike eating sewer grates go. Nothing short of a big magnet will do anything for the parts scattered along it’s route. Cross at Kossuth and go thru Rohrman’s car lots to get to ALDI’s.

  5. There is no bicycle infrastructure shown on this video. Am I missing something?

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