EVENT: Happy Cranksgiving!

Join the everyday bicycling community for a casual ride and lunch. The occasion is Bicycle Lafayette’s 4th annual Cranksgiving, this Saturday, November 14th.

What is this “Cranksgiving?”

Cranksgiving is a seasonal food drive and bike ride. This year, we are cranking our pedals and giving thanks by delivering food to Food Finders Food Bank. The event begins at Pay Less Supermarket on Greenbush. A donation of $10 is requested the day of the ride, cash or check will go directly to Food Finders for the purchase of food to distribute. According to their website just $1.00 can provide 3 meals!

But what about the bikes? The big fun begins when we start packing our bikes with groceries donated by Payless. Cranksgiving is great way to learn about loading your bike for an errand like grocery shopping. Participants are also welcome to purchase food to pack for the ride from a list of needed items. Then the group will set off on an urban commute-style ride to Food Finders on Olympia Court. The pace will be casual and family-friendly, an opportunity to traverse the streets of Greater Lafayette in a group of like-minded pedal power enthusiasts. An added bonus: there will be a modest prizes for heaviest load carried by bike. Two divisions are set, Cargo (includes using trailers) and Normal-wheelbase bicycles.

Finally, after hauling a load and cycling south, everyone is welcome to go to lunch at Arni’s 350 S. where from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, 15% of food sales will go to Food Finders. Continue the camaraderie and expand the enjoyment by letting your non-cycling friends know about lunch. They can meet us there, where we can all literally or figuratively talk turkey and fuel up for the ride back downtown.

To find out more about the tradition of Cranksgiving across the country check out the NYC website. Organizers recognized the value of sharing the event concept, providing a measure of community autonomy, and especially celebrating cycling while we help each other.

See you Saturday! Ride on~~

Hands On Trucks

Few things in life can excite children and adults equally, but big trucks are in that exclusive club. For the 14th year, Imagination Station will be holding its “Hands on Trucks” event in its parking lot at 600 North Fourth Street in Lafayette. Imagination Station board member Brian Bettag said “we informally grade ourselves as seeing how many kids are upset at the end of their visit because they want to stay for more!”

The event has certainly proven popular over the years. Kids of all ages enjoy exploring construction equipment, fire trucks, school buses, and much more. Time and equipment are provided by local businesses and first reponder organizations. Last year, a PHI Air Medical helicopter made an appearance. Both the landing and the takeoff delighted the crowd. Bettag is working on new surprises for this year.

Hands On Trucks is a key funding source for Imagination Station, a volunteer-run science and technology museum. Through partnerships with local businesses and community organizations, Imagination Station provides a year-round opportunity for play and learning. Hands On Trucks compliments this mission by giving children and adults a chance to learn about the technology and engineering of modern machinery. Imagination Station volunteers prepare pamphlets with open-ended prompts designed to spark conversation about the vehicles on display.

“We want the Lafayette community to know that this event, and Imagination Station itself, would not be possible without the great partnerships that the local community have created with us over the years,” Bettag told Think Lafayette.  “Everyone from businesses that donated their resources and the individuals that donate their time, we appreciate everything they have done for us. We hope the Imagination Station can return that investment by providing a great resource for our youth to continue pushing the community forward and being an asset for future generations.”

If you go
Hands On Trucks is at Imagination Station, 600 N 4th St, Lafayette from 10 AM – 2 PM on Saturday, August 29. Tickets are $5 at the gate. Advance tickets may be purchased for $4. Children two and under are free. Refreshments will be available for purchase during the event.

SATURDAY: Psychadelic Spectacle with Lee Gallagher, THC, and the Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show

11751469_10204062269509402_3103131590554018810_nThis Saturday, locals have the opportunity to bliss out on psychedelic grooves at Spot Tavern in Lafayette, with a double header of bands and a liquid light show from one of the old masters.

Having recently been named one of the Top 5 best up-and-coming San Franciso Bay area bands by CBS, Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah (pictured above) weave a sonic tapestry framed by wailing guitars, churning organ and more than a slight nod to the southern gospel music of their past. The band spent 2014 recording their self-titled debut record and touring a good swath of the US. And, for the new kids on the block, the band has had the incredible good fortune of sharing the stage with such acts as The Doobie Brothers, Boston, and Living Colour.


Mad Alchemy is an analog liquid light show in the great San Francisco tradition of Bill Hamm, Glen Mckay and Brotherhood of Light from the heyday of the Bay’s psychedelic ballrooms. Principal Lance Gordon has been involved with this art form since 1971 and learned the essence of liquid projections from a former member of the Brotherhood of Light at 17. With a team of 3 to 4 people, Mad Alchemy typically blends 6 to 9 projections (all overhead), together creating a dramatic montage of color always moving and changing. Sensing a renewed interest in this kind of projection 6 years ago, Lance has devoted all of his attention to reviving this analog style and taken Mad Alchemy on the road, completing seven US and two European tours.

[Think Lafayette’s Tim Brouk covered Mad Alchemy at the Lafayette Brewing Company in 2013.]


And local favorite, The Heavy Co., has been steadily working on writing, recording, and performing new, distinctive psychedelic rock music that combines the vibe of classic rock, the acid flashbacks of Haight-Ashbury and Swinging London, and the improvisational driven live experience of the jam band scene. The band was formed by members of Indiana’s burgeoning doom/stoner rock scene seeking a subtler approach to getting spaced and fuzzy, musically speaking.

When and Where:

10:00 PM at Spot Tavern, 409 S 4th St, Lafayette, Indiana 47901.

For questions and additional details, see the event page on Facebook.

Dear Crabby: Smoke, fire, and tar

Dear Crabby, I walked into a smoky apartment again thanks to my neighbor. How rude is too rude when confronting someone about this? — Empha Zeema, West Lafayette

Empha, it really depends on what kind of smoke. If your neighbor is smoking a nice brisket, you make a side dish and get your happy butt over there to thank them for making your life a little bit better. If it’s because they’re burning the building down, stop emailing me and call the fire department, you idiot. For anything else, you should take a less direct approach. Start by sliding some pamphlets from the American Lung Association under the door. Maybe escalate to wearing an oxygen mask around them. You could also schedule a carpet cleaning — for their apartment. When they send the cleaning service away, you can conveniently appear and say “oh, well since you’re here, my apartment smells pretty smoky, too.”

Dear Crabby, A house in my neighborhood is flying a Confederate flag. What can I do? — A Concerned Citizen, Lafayette

Look, Citizen, your neighbor has every right to advertise how terrible they are.  A free society necessarily means that people can be loud and proud about indefensible things. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it quietly. Here’s my advice: you and your friends should grow out (or glue on) some serious 19th-century beardage, dress in blue, and sit outside their house demanding they surrender to General Grant’s army.  If the rebels refuse to surrender, call up General Sherman. He knows what to do.

Dear Crabby, The road construction in West Lafayette is awful. I can’t get anywhere without it being an ordeal. How can I cope? — Need A Zip Line, West Lafayette

Dear Zippy, do you have a shovel? Get to work! Those roads won’t construct themselves. The zip line thing ain’t going to happen. Trust me on this, I’ve been kicked out of Mayor Dennis’ office enough to know it’s a non-starter in this two-bit town.


Big Latch On 2015

World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, is an international event to celebrate and promote breastfeeding. In addition to developing an early bond between mother and baby, breastfeeding is associated with lower risks of a variety of infant and adult ailments. As part of World Breastfeeding Week, the Big Latch On provides breastfeeding women with a sense of community and a chance to build friendships.

Big Latch On is a simultaneous breastfeeding event, with 14,173 women in 31 countries participating last year. For the fourth year in a row, Angie Cotton is organizing a Big Latch On event in Lafayette. Local breastfeeding experts may be on hand to answer questions and provide advice.

This year’s event is on Saturday, August 1. Space for Big Latch On is provided by Velvet Lotus Photography at 900 Kossuth St in Lafayette. Doors open at 10:00, with the count taking place at 10:30. RSVP on Facebook or by contacting cottonbirthed@gmail.com.

This is a Public Service Announcement: Know Your Rights (as a tenant)

This month, Homestead CS, a non-profit housing counseling agency, is putting on a series tenants’ rights workshop. The first session is tomorrow, July 14, 2015.

In HomesteadCS’ Tenants Know Your Rights Workshops, tenants will learn about their rights and responsibilities, such as:

  • what their landlords can and can’t do to them,
  • what protections they have according to the Fair Housing Act,
  • how to file official complaints with the city,
  • how the eviction process works,
  • how to protect their security deposit,
  • and more.

Six of these workshops will be held in the last three weeks of July in various communities in GLA to hopefully provide tenants with a date and location that is easily accessible.

TUESDAY, JULY 14th // 5:30pm // West Lafayette Public Library // 208 W Columbia St.
Co-hosted with Purdue Student Legal Services. This will be the ONLY workshop with an attorney present but she WILL NOT be giving legal advice about specific legal questions. None of the workshops are for legal counseling, rather they are general education about tenants’ rights and responsibilities

SATURDAY, JULY 18th // Noon // Tippecanoe County Public Library // 627 South St

THURSDAY, JULY 23 // 5:30pm // historic Jefferson senior apartments // 619 N. 9th St.

SATURDAY, JULY 25th // NOON //Chatham Square Apartment // 3619 Champlain St

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th // 5:30pm // Bauer Family Resources // 330 Fountain St.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 1st // Noon // Hanna Community Center // 1201 N 18th St

HomesteadCS is dedicated to decreasing foreclosure, increasing homeownership, and ensuring that families have safe, affordable homes in Tippecanoe and 9 area counties in Indiana.


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